The capital of France attracts both French and foreign tourists throughout the year. It’s one of the most expensive cities in the world, and you’ll need to budget accordingly for a stay in Paris.

Is the cost of living in Paris high?

Yes, living in Paris is expensive. But like everywhere, it’s possible to get by on a budget. A significant advantage of Paris is that the city offers countless free visits, and the city itself is a delight to explore. Moreover, both the French and other Europeans can travel to Paris affordably, thanks to cheap flight tickets (especially from low-cost airlines) and cheap train tickets. Here are all the figures to give you an idea of the budget you need to plan for when traveling to Paris.

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What budget for accommodation in paris?

Accommodation in Paris will be expensive. There are few youth hostels (although this is changing), and most Parisian hotels charge an average price between €70 and €100per night. It might be a good idea to consider Couchsurfing or renting an apartment. That said, hotels practice yield management, adjusting prices based on occupancy rates. So, regularly check hotel offers as prices can drop depending on the season.

  • Youth hostel: from €25-40 per night
  • 2-star hotel: from €45-65 per night
  • 3-star hotel: from €70-100 per night
  • 4-star hotel: from €100-150 per night
  • 5-star hotel: from €150 per night Keep an eye on offers in advance to get the best price for your stay.

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What budget for food in paris?

Unless you cook your meals at the hotel or apartment, you’ll need a significant food budget in Paris. The cheapest menu in a small restaurant (starter + main course) will cost no less than €10. So, if you plan to eat out for all meals, budget at least €25 to €30 per day per person, excluding drinks. We recommend preparing or buying a sandwich for lunch and dining out in the evening (if you want to treat yourself while keeping expenses in check).

  • Street Food (kebab, etc.): €7 to €10
  • Fast Food: €8,5
  • Daily menu in a bistro: €12-14
  • Budget restaurant: around €14-17
  • Standard restaurant: around €25
  • Upscale restaurant: €50 and up

Some price ideas in paris

What's the budget for a stay in Paris?
  • Single public transport ticket: €2,10
  • Can of Coca: €2.5 (in-store)
  • Beer: €7 (pint, outside happy hours)
  • Pack of cigarettes: €11
  • Taxi (1 km): €1.30
  • Entry to the Louvre Museum: €15 for a standard ticket, but many exemptions are available.
  • Entry to the Eiffel Tower: For an adult: 2nd floor with elevator (€18,30), summit with elevator (€28,30), 2nd floor stairs (€11,30)

As we can see, Paris is a city where the cost of living is high. Your travel budget will also be substantial. To calculate it more precisely, depending on the type of traveler you are, you can use our budget calculation tool.

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