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Visit Mont-Saint-Michel: complete guide

Are you drawn to the treasures of France? Come and visit Mont-Saint-Michel, and find out how with our comprehensive guide! Dominating its undulating bay from atop its rock, Mont-Saint-Michel is like a pearl in its velvet setting. Now it’s your turn to discover how to visit Mont-Saint-Michel and uncover its secrets. Whether you’re grounded or …


10 Best things to do in Deauville for first time visitors

Traveling on the Côte Fleurie, do you want to visit Deauville? Here are the must-sees of this seaside resort with a luxurious reputation! Seaside resort with international renown, Deauville remains a flagship destination on the French coasts. Particularly appreciated by Parisians, it inherited the nickname of the “21st arrondissement of Paris”. The modern city was …


12 Best things to do in Rouen for first time visitors

On vacation in Normandy? Discover the must-sees in Rouen The capital of Normandy, Rouen is a port city not to be missed. The city of a hundred steeples has been shaped by history since Roman times. Its architecture bears witness to its past, with numerous Gothic churches, cobbled streets and medieval half-timbered houses. Both modern …