Looking for a destination that goes beyond the real thing? Then come and discover Mont-Saint-Michel by motorhome!

It’s true that visiting Mont-Saint-Michel in a motorhome is not technically possible. You will have to get out of your vehicle to access this exceptional French heritage monument. However, everything is in place to ensure that motorhomers from near and far can park, sleep and visit this legendary site.

Are you planning to visit the “Bastille of the Seas” with your touring vehicle? We have put together some useful information to help you prepare for your visit!

How to park at Mont-Saint-Michel with a motorhome?

Please note: it is unfortunately forbidden to stay in the car park during your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel in a motorhome. Overnight parking is permitted, but the park cannot be used as an accommodation area for motorhomes. In fact, there is no water or electricity supply. However, you can always park for the day and then find a motorhome park or campsite.

Spending a day at Mont-Saint-Michel: car parks

Motorhomes up to 8 metres long have their own dedicated area. It is located in the new car park and is called Poche P8. To access the site, there are shuttles waiting for you near your car park. You can find them by following the signs along the pedestrian walkways.

The 24-hour parking charge is €12.80 in low season, compared with €18.60 in high season. If you park for more than 24 hours, you’ll need to use one of the surrounding areas or book your own campsite. This way, you can enjoy maximum comfort during your stay at Mont-Saint-Michel in a motorhome.

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To spend several days on site: campsites

Mont-Saint-Michel by Motorhome, Camping La Bidonniere
Camping La Bidonniere
  • Camping Aux Pommiers: this 4-star campsite welcomes you to its 2-hectare grounds, in the heart of the small village of Beauvoir. It is just 4 kilometres from Mont-Saint-Michel. It has aquatic areas, games for children and adults, a sports area and much more. A great holiday for all. Need to wash your clothes? Washing machines are available. A week’s parking costs around €150 for two people, including water and electricity;
  • Les Haliotis campsite: this 3-star campsite welcomes you for a week for €159. Fancy a swim? A swimming pool is also available. Just 9 kilometres from Mont-Saint-Michel, take a bike ride to the summit;
  • Camping Saint-Michel: why this campsite? Because it will take you to a much less well-known view of the Mont! Also, spread over plots of around 80 m², you’ll find an electric hook-up (6 or 10 amps) and access close to the toilet block. Laundry and toilet facilities are also available. The extra touch? Unlimited hot showers and music! And don’t forget that there’s a motorhome park at the entrance to the campsite, where you can fill up with clean water, empty waste water and chemical toilets. Expect to pay between €150 and €200 per week in high season.
  • Camping Le Balcon de la Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel: this 2-star campsite offers motorhome owners the chance to stay for a while. When you choose this campsite, you’ll be on the edge of the splendid Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. All for around €175 a week in high season.
  • Camping La Bidonniere : This campsite offers a peaceful setting close to Mont Saint Michel, perfect for motorhomes. Its main features include: Comprehensive facilities like grey water and chemical toilet disposal area, electrical hookups, and waste sorting. Exceptional view of Mont Saint Michel. Option to set up an awning or outdoor table. Pets welcome at no extra charge. Easy access to Mont Saint Michel: free shuttles 3 km away, a bicycle path, and walking routes. The price is approximately €105 for a week, providing great value for a pleasant and convenient stay near an iconic location.

Motorhome parks around Mont-Saint-Michel

As well as the Saint-Michel campsite, as mentioned above, here are the other areas available for you and your motorhome around Mont-Saint-Michel.

Aire de la Bidonnière

This private area offers a quiet spot away from the tourist influence for your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel by motorhome. You’ll receive a personal welcome and have all the facilities you need on site. Drainage area for grey water, chemical toilets and water loading. You’ll also have access to electricity, a view of Mont-Saint-Michel, and bread and pastries (to be ordered before 7pm the night before).

Good news: your pets friends are welcome! You can find the aire and its team at Route de la Rive in Ardevon. Prices: €12.50 for 24 hours.

Sains car park

This municipal site includes water, electric hook-up, chemical cassette emptying and water emptying for €5 for 2 hours. However, parking is free if you are visiting Mont-Saint-Michel in a motorhome.

Ideas for itineraries around Mont-Saint-Michel by Motorhome

Sunset on Mont-Saint-Michel

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A day on site: a walk around the bay

For a day out visiting Mont-Saint-Michel in a motorhome, take a walk around the bay. The “Chemins de la Baie” team offers guided walks and hikes in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the surrounding area and the Chausey Islands. These professionals will share their knowledge and passion for the Bay.

Get ready to hike in a fascinating world of nature and wide open spaces! Have you already made the crossing? Have you tried the nocturne or the matinale? How about a torchlight retreat? Or a “High Tide” outing? It’s a great change from the usual tourist routes and a great way to get off the beaten track when visiting Mont-Saint-Michel by motorhome!

Visit and overnight stay in an abbey

Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel

The Benedictine Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is a remarkable example of medieval religious architecture. A major pilgrimage site from the 8th to the 18th century, its architecture is both religious and military. There are around twenty rooms to visit.

You can visit the abbey church, the cloister, the refectory and the monks’ walk. In summer, you can explore the Mont at dusk with a night-time light walk. You’ll discover the Abbey illuminated. The Abbey opens its doors free of charge on the 1st Sunday of the month from November to March inclusive. Outside these days, prices vary between €11 and €18.

We promised you an extraordinary journey? Discover a well-kept secret: you can spend the night in the Abbey! You’ll be welcomed and well looked after by the monks. The best part? A view from their garden that tourists never get to see. It’s the perfect way to enjoy an unusual experience when visiting Mont-Saint-Michel by motorhome.

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For a weekend

Discover Mont-Saint-Michel by motorhome

The guided crossing is ideal for your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel by motorhome. At low tide, come and walk through the sands and rivers of the bay. Like the pilgrims of yesteryear, this is an unforgettable experience in the heart of a landscape of surprisingly varied colours.

To suit all tastes, there are four crossings, so you can choose a shorter or longer distance. You can also choose to learn more about the route (with commentary) or enjoy a more leisurely walk (without commentary). The most important thing is to be accompanied by an approved guide. It is extremely dangerous to venture into the bay alone, as the water rises at great speed.

In summer and winter alike, these walks allow you to discover the rock as the pilgrims once did, making the most of the bay’s extraordinary environment. There are various starting points: Bas Courtils, Vains – Saint-Léonard, le Bec d’Andaine and le Grouin du Sud.

A visit to the Musée de la mer et de l’écologie could be an interesting way to end your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel in a motorhome. And yes, enjoying a place also means getting to know it better. If you want to better understand the phenomenon of the tides and the silting up that threatens Mont Saint-Michel, this is the place to go. Are you a fan of antique model boats? Then this is the place for you!

Finally, you’ll find 250 models illustrating the main economic activities of the bay’s inhabitants since the Middle Ages.

Another weekend idea

  • The Hameau Bas-Courtils would be the first stop on your weekend in Mont-Saint-Michel by motorhome. Remember this? We mentioned the Courtils campsite above. What makes it special? It’s superbly well placed. In fact, it’s from the Hameau Bas Courtils that you can see Mont-Saint-Michel off the beaten track. A gigantic horizon of salt meadows, a walk through the mountain’s sheep and a natural tasting of samphire. A marvellous moment of calm, far from any tourist storm and in the gentlest silence. Finally, if you like to paint or draw, this is the ideal place.
  • Then why not visit the Ecomuseum of the Bay? From April to September, the Bay Ecomuseum offers exhibitions and demonstrations on salt-making in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel in the 19th century. It’s a different way of looking at the Bay’s history and activity! What’s on the programme? Discover how salt is made, prepare the brine and learn about local history and landscapes. Free admission to the museum, entertainment, children’s workshops and on-site catering. The latter is organised by the Comité des fêtes de Vains, as part of the Fête de la Baie.
  • Would you like to finish off your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel in a motorhome with an extraordinary experience? Why not try a microlight flight over Mont-Saint-Michel? You’ll be able to admire the immensity of the site from a height of 900 metres. A real pleasure to treat yourself to for a price of around €100 for 20 minutes, depending on the service provider.

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