Can you already feel the mountain air filling your lungs and the powder crunching under your skis? To ensure you don’t forget anything essential, check out our comprehensive Ski Packing List – the only problem you’ll have is waiting to hit the slopes!

To make sure you don’t forget anything, here’s a non-exhaustive checklist of important things to pack for a worry-free holiday!

Please note: this list is deliberately comprehensive, so that we can give you the best possible advice for your vacation! It’s up to you to adapt it to your needs!

Here’s our complete checklist for a successful ski vacation

1. Skiing essentials in your Ski Trip Packing List

The most important thing not to forget… Here’s what you absolutely need in your suitcase to be at your best on the slopes! Don’t forget to pack a sufficient change of clothes for the duration of your ski trip.

  • Ski suit or pants + waterproof ski jacket
  • Warm, breathable thermal T-shirt (1st layer)
  • Breathable fleece jacket (2nd layer)
  • Ski mask or sunglasses (preferably polarized)
  • Thermal underpants or tights
  • Fleece jacket
  • Ski helmet/back protection/wrist guards for snowboarders
  • Ski gloves or mittens (under-gloves if very cold)
  • Hat, headband, earmuffs
  • Neck warmer or balaclava
  • Ski socks (bring several pairs)
  • Warmers (if cold)
  • Lip balm/handkerchief/sun cream

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2. If you don’t rent your ski equipment on site

Don't forget your equipment in your Ski Trip Packing List

It’s very easy to rent your ski equipment at the resort, and it’s also possible to book in advance at certain skishop’s and benefit from more advantageous rates.

However, if you don’t rent your equipment on site or if you take some of it with you, here’s a complete list to make sure you don’t forget anything:

  • Skis or snowboard
  • Ski boots
  • Poles
  • If you’re going off-piste: safety equipment is mandatory! (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe) If you don’t have any, check with the local sports stores, which may offer this equipment for hire.
  • Sledges (compact, space-saving models are available)
  • Snowshoes

3. Après-ski essentials

For après-ski, or days when you’re not skiing, pack what you need! Remember to pack the right clothes for you: are you very cold or not? Do you have any special personal needs (medication, smoking, glasses, parties, etc.)?

  • Warm jacket or down jacket
  • Everyday clothes: t-shirts, jeans and underwear
  • Rucksack
  • Outfits for outings and parties
  • Wool/fleece gloves
  • Hat
  • Waterproof après-ski shoes + socks
  • Bathing suit and towel (if swimming pool or spa in resort/residence)
  • Après-ski sunglasses (ideally level 3 or 4 + polarized)
  • Warm pyjamas + slippers
  • Personal toiletries (shampoos, nail clippers, cream, etc.)
  • First-aid kit (bandages, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, etc.)
  • Pocket ashtray if you’re a smoker (mountain preservation is important)

4. If you have children in the mountains

Are you going as a family? Remember to pack several changes of clothes for your children’s comfort!

Children’s ski and après-ski lessons

  • Skiing equipment: ski suit, thermal underwear, gloves/slippers, ski mask, neck strap, etc.
  • Remember to take the old ski school test booklet.
  • Children’s jacket or down jacket
  • Small gloves
  • Warm clothes and socks
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm pyjamas and slippers
  • Warm waterproof shoes
  • Towels and bathing suits
  • A backpack with your belongings (homework, markers, coloring books, video console, toys…)
  • Up-to-date health record

Specific needs for babies

  • Bottles and teats + milk
  • Diapers
  • Toiletries kit: cleansing wipes or absorbent cotton, liniment, baby soap and shampoo, saline solution, baby fly, nail clippers, etc.
  • Chairs and cots are also available at our resorts.

5. If you’re taking your dog with you

Going on a snow vacation with your dog is great, but don’t forget to think about the unexpected before you leave! Don’t forget to choose accommodation that accepts pets, as well as parks and areas that allow them for your walks.

  • Your dog’s usual food + bowl
  • Leash + harness (leashed dogs are often required)
  • Play accessories
  • Sleeping basket
  • Dog poop bag
  • Transport crate + safety harness (IATA car standards)
  • Medication/emergency care/vaccination booklet (if you’re coming from abroad, certain vaccines may be mandatory, such as rabies)
  • Appropriate warm clothing if your dog is sensitive to the cold
  • Paw pad conditioners (useful, as snow can be very irritating)
  • Brush (long-haired dogs can sometimes get snowballs stuck in their hair).

6. Accessories (never superfluous) in your Ski Trip Packing List

For photo enthusiasts
To stay connected and keep memories of your vacation, make sure you don’t forget anything.

Your camera, sports camera

  • Camera accessories/battery back-up
  • Chargers for all your devices, readily available from some of our partners
  • A spare SD card for memory storage

For your car

If you’re coming by car, make sure you’re properly equipped. Snow can quickly become a headache if you don’t have the necessary equipment.

Make sure you have the following in your car:

  • Snow chains or socks (mandatory if the road is snow-covered)
  • Starter cables
  • Windshield scraper
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • GPS for the route

7. Don’t forget your accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation can help you avoid being overloaded when you go on vacation. You can choose accommodation with cleaning and/or linen provided, etc.

Don’t forget to choose a listed apartment, to ensure that your accommodation is up to standard and well-equipped! For the rest, here’s a list of things to bring along if you need to:

  • Linen (sheets, comforter covers, pillowcases)
  • Bath towels
  • Games (cards, board games, etc.)
  • Basic food (tea, coffee, sugar, etc.)
  • Emergency 4G key if you need a connection (rarely necessary, as wifi is available in most apartments and resort centers).

Please note: you don’t need to bring your own raclette/fondue machine with you – most accommodations provide them, or you can easily rent them in the resort (cheese shops, food stores, etc.). However, restaurants serving Savoyard specialities will be able to give you a real treat!

8. Must-have documents in your Ski Trip Packing List

Don’t forget to bring the following official documents, which you’re sure to be asked for at least once during your stay, or which will come in very handy in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Identity card or passport/driver’s license/card/car insurance
  • Bank card/cash (in case of ATM breakdown)
  • Return plane or train tickets
  • Insurance telephone number and lost credit card number
  • Carte Vitale and health insurance card
  • Passport photos for ski passes (don’t forget to bring your old ski pass card, which is often refillable: it’ll save you a few euros!)
  • Contact details + documents for your accommodation reservation
  • Tourist guide (available from the Tourist Office)

You now have everything you need for the perfect winter vacation! Feel free to share this list on social networks, or add to it in comments.

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