Discover the most beautiful city in the world with a tourist pass. Follow our comparison to find the Paris city pass that suits you best !

Paris, the famous, the enchanting, the extravagant, the romantic. City of Light and city of adventure, the European capital has countless facets and leaves none of its visitors indifferent. From the grand boulevards to the quaint little alleys, Paris offers its residents and passing tourists a daily grand spectacle and a thousand and one ways to explore its corners. But to fully enjoy the stay and encompass your favorite activities without exceeding your budget, it is preferable to choose one of the Paris city passes if you don’t want to limit yourself to the free activities offered by the City of Lights.

Here, we have gathered all the tour offers and the advantages that each one presents. Thanks to our ranking of the best city passes to visit Paris, compare, choose, and enjoy your vacation without wasting time or money!

Note that the beginning of this ranking presents the tourist packs. They group several offers and advantages into a single card, including the two cards presented separately at the end of the ranking.

Review of the Paris passlib’

the Paris passlib’

Complete and very well thought out, the Paris Passlib’ is a city pass made up of different discount cards. It thus groups several offers into one. The pass is also available in four formulas depending on the desired length of stay:

  • Paris PassLib’ Mini (3 activities among 32 services offered) : from €45;
  • Paris PassLib’ City (5 activities among 52 services offered) : from €99 ;
  • Paris PassLib’ Explore (6 activities among 71 services offered) : from €169

With the Paris Passlib’, you can enjoy the must-see activities of the City of Light. Cruise on the Seine in a bateau-mouche, one-day access to the Open Tour bus, unlimited access to temporary exhibitions in the City of Paris museums, free admission to up to 70 Paris museums …

You can also travel unlimited on all RATP lines (except Mini formula) and receive a bonus guide detailing all the card offers and a map of Paris. In addition to the classic formulas, the Paris Passlib’ offers, as an option, access to the first and second floors of the Eiffel Tower! It is the only card in this comparison of Paris city passes that offers such an opportunity.

Being the official pass of the city of Paris, it is possible to order the Passlib’ city pass online on the site. But you can also buy it from all the welcome offices of the Paris Tourist and Convention Office.

Ideal for hyperactive tourists, the Paris Passlib’ offers a very wide range of activities. That’s why it is preferable to choose this pass only if you love active vacations and busy days. Indeed, this supercharged little card is only profitable if your program of visits and activities in Paris remains sustained. Put on your best sneakers and plan several monument visits per day.

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Review of the Paris Pass

the Paris Pass is also a great city pass

The Paris Pass brings together countless advantages and promises a very energetic stay. Its program, more complete than that of the Passlib’, offers a versatile activity offer and thus allows you to fly over all the essential places in Paris during a stay. This tourist pass is thus available for a duration of 2 to 6 days with packages ranging from €132 to €246.

With the Paris Pass, there’s no time to get bored. The activities and advantages offered by this discount card are numerous:

  • Included Paris Museum Pass, offering access to more than 50 Parisian museums;
  • Access to many must-see attractions: Montparnasse Tower, Grévin Museum, Seine cruise;
  • Unlimited transport on all RATP lines;
  • One day of unlimited access to the Big Bus;
  • Free tourist guide.

This pass for Paris is reserved online and can be delivered to your home or picked up at the Big Bus Ticket Shop (11 av. de l’Opéra), at the start of your stay. With such a rich tourist pass in activities, be ready to keep up. The Paris Pass card is ideal for encompassing the largest number of visits and attractions in a short time. So plan a busy program that leaves little room for strolling.

Review of the Paris City Pass

Thanks to its multiple offer, the Paris City Pass is among the best passes to visit Paris. It indeed offers a wide choice of monuments and emblematic places to visit. It also promises to facilitate your travel and offers you a large number of advantageous reductions.

You can take advantage of all the Paris City Pass offers for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 days with rates ranging from €109 to €209. Like the previous cards, the Paris City Pass includes the Paris Museum Pass, thus giving access to nearly 50 Parisian museums.

But it also guarantees you free transport on the Paris public network (zones 1-3), a cruise on the Seine in a bateau-mouche, discounts in many tourist places (Lido, Grévin Museum, France Miniature…) and offers you a detailed map of the city.

Book your city pass directly online and pick it up with your confirmation voucher received by email, at the Galeries Lafayette Homme (entrance located rue de Mogado). Practical and well thought out, the Paris City Pass will suit active and curious tourists as well as modest wallets.

Activities are numerous, and the visits included in the package will guide you through the most spectacular places in Paris. To get the most out of your Paris sightseeing card, opt for formulas of more than 3 days. You will have more time to enjoy all the activities included in the package, without missing out on essential monuments.

Review of the Paris Museum Pass

The most complete of the cultural passes to visit Paris takes you on a journey filled with discoveries and must-see visits. This pass is also included in the tourist packs mentioned above.

But bought alone, this visit card offers no access to transport or any reduction. However, it will open the doors to more than 50 museums and emblematic places renowned worldwide: Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Pantheon, Palace of Versailles, and many others.

With the Paris Museum pass, your cultural marathon can continue for:

  • 2 days, which will cost €52;
  • 4 days, which will cost €66;
  • 6 days, which will cost €78.

Another notable advantage of this cultural pass: no waiting before each visit, your tickets in all museums are guaranteed skip-the-line. It is possible to obtain the pass for Parisian museums directly online or by going to a welcome point of the Paris Tourist and Convention Office.

This tourist pass is a real asset for all those who wish to chain visits, without wasting time. The queues in Parisian museums are often so long that they discourage many visitors.

However, it would be a shame to leave Paris without having managed to enter the Louvre Museum or the Palace of Versailles! Thanks to this Museum pass, Parisians and international tourists will have the chance to visit all the essential museums in the capital, without queuing!

Review of the Paris Visite Pass

This transport card for Paris offers you total freedom of movement during your stay in the French capital. Travel at will on the entire Paris public transport network and explore Paris from one end to the other in a flash.

Paris Visite Pass takes you to zones 1 to 3 (which include Paris and its close suburbs) and zones 1 to 5 (which encompass the main airports and the city of Versailles), depending on the selected formula. You will thus have the choice between:

  • 1 day: €13.20 (zones 1 to 3); €27.80 (zones 1 to 5);
  • 2 days: €21.50 (zones 1 to 3); €42.20 (zones 1 to 5);
  • 3 days: €29.40 (zones 1 to 3); €59.20 (zones 1 to 5);
  • 5 days: €42.20 (zones 1 to 3); €72.40 (zones 1 to 5).

The Paris Visite Pass is reserved online. It can then be picked up for free at the welcome points of the Paris Tourist and Convention Office.

Not including any free pass in Parisian attractions, this basic transport pass nevertheless allows you to organize your stay as you see fit. Your program is as free as your movements. Plan visits that look like you, improvise, and fill your days with spontaneity.

This pass is therefore ideal for travelers who want to take their time and explore the city at their own pace.

Which city pass should I choose to visit Paris? FAQ

Which city pass should I choose to visit Paris? FAQ

City passes can enhance your vacation and enrich your program with original activities and visits. But it’s not easy to find the best city pass for Paris, in the midst of an increasingly rich and varied offer.

Here are the answers to the main questions you may be asking, to help you make sense of this comparison of Paris passes.

Which Paris pass includes a visit to the Eiffel Tower?

For an additional €20, the Paris Passlib’ gives you elevator access to the first and second floors of the famous Iron Lady. It’s the only Paris pass to offer such a bonus.

Which Paris pass to choose for a trip with children?

To keep your little ones occupied during your stay in Paris, choose a complete pass. The Paris Pass offers access to numerous attractions suitable for children and the whole family: Centre Pompidou, Aquarium Cineaqua, Musée de l’air et de l’espace…

Which pass for a couple’s stay in Paris?

Planning a trip to Paris for two? Once again, opt for a pass offering a complete program. With the Paris City Pass, you’ll discover the beauty of the city on a cruise along the Seine, and enjoy discounts at some of the capital’s top restaurants. Romanticism and relaxation guaranteed.

What Paris city pass for small budgets?

Are you looking for a basic, affordable city pass for your Paris vacation? Treat yourself to freedom with the Paris Visite Pass. Travel at your leisure on the Paris network, create your own program and organize your visits according to your preferences and desires.

What’s the best cultural pass for visiting Paris?

Paris’s museums and cultural venues are sure to turn heads. Renowned the world over, they fascinate with their rich collections and attract countless visitors every year. If you want to visit Paris museums without waiting in line or spending too much, opt for the Paris Museum Pass. It’s a must-have for those with a thirst for culture.

Which city pass for a weekend in Paris?

For a short but productive stay, opt for a complete pass. With the Paris Passlib’Mini and and the 2-day Paris City Pass packages, you’ll be able to see the essentials in no time. Monuments, art exhibitions and cruises will punctuate your weekend, which promises to be a colorful one!

Which city pass for a week in Paris?

All Paris city passes offer 5- or 6-day packages. If you want to enjoy all the beauty and richness of the capital for a full week, opt for the 6-day Paris Pass.

Are you on a tight budget but still want to spend a memorable week in Paris? Live to the rhythm of the rich Paris Passlib’ program, for 5 intense days.

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