To truly appreciate Paris, why not gain a little altitude? For this, here is our selection of the best rooftop bars to have a drink in Paris!

Ah, Paris! Its grand boulevards, its legendary monuments, its typically Haussmannian buildings, its gentle way of life. Indeed, the city is truly the most beautiful in the world! We suggest you change your perspective and gain some height! Paris is teeming with magical places hidden from the general public: the famous rooftops! Indeed, these have been multiplying rapidly in recent years.

Take some time for yourself. Get comfortable while enjoying the view at one of the 25 best rooftops to have a drink in Paris !

1. Le Terrass’Hôtel

Terrass’Hôtel Paris
®Le Terrass’Hôtel

In the popular 18th arrondissement, just steps from Montmartre, you’ll find this elegant hotel which, on the seventh floor, has a splendid terrace offering a sublime panorama of the City of Light. In addition to the delicious snacks to enjoy with a glass of Bordeaux wine, you can have lunch in the upscale restaurant offering sophisticated cuisine while remaining quite affordable. Here, you are truly in the presence of one of the best rooftops for a drink in Paris, set to become a top choice for a convivial spot.

  • 📍Address: 12-14 rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris
  • 🚇Métro: Place de Clichy, Abbesses

2. Le 43 Cocktail Bar

43 Cocktail Bar
®Le 43 Cocktail Bar

Simply breathtaking: this is how one could describe the 43 Cocktail Bar, which has quickly become one of the best rooftops for a drink in Paris. And for good reason, it’s on the sixth floor of the Holiday Inn hotel, in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, that this chic and romantic establishment is found, offering a view over the rooftops of Paris and the famous Montparnasse Tower. But also the Eiffel Tower, and many other surprises. If you are passing through the capital with your significant other, do not hesitate to offer a cocktail crafted by a talented bartender, the view is absolutely unforgettable.

  • 📍Address: 43 rue Danton, 75006 Paris
  • 🚇Métro: Odéon

3. Laho Rooftop

Rooftop Laho
®Laho Rooftop

We start our top 19 of Parisian rooftops with Laho Rooftop and its panoramic view of the capital. Located just steps from the Gare de Lyon, a private elevator takes you 60 meters above the Parisian hustle and bustle. The exotic and verdant terrace is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm to midnight and serves beautiful plates with seasonal and quality products, as well as a fine selection of wines and classic cocktails.

  • 📍Address: 5-9 Rue Van Gogh 75012 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Austerlitz

4. Le Perchoir

Le Perchoir
®Le Perchoir

Le Perchoir lives up to its name: in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, this discreet bar offers a rooftop accessed by a rather folkloric elevator. Snacks, delicacies, tapas, and near-perfect cocktails are offered to accompany the observation of the capital’s roofs from this trendy spot. It is one of the best rooftops for a drink in Paris: don’t hesitate, go check it out when you’re passing through the most beautiful city in the world!

  • 📍Address: 14 rue Crespin du Gast, 75011 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Ménilmontant ; Rue Saint-Maur

5. Le Perchoir Marais

Le Perchoir Marais
®Le Perchoir

You’ve certainly already heard of it, but how could we not include it in the list of the best rooftops in Paris? Open from Tuesday to Saturday until 1:30 am, Le Perchoir Marais is THE summer meeting place. Ideally located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, this famous rooftop welcomes you, just above the BHV, on its 250m2 terrace that is as charming as it is relaxed! A perfect spot to enjoy an unbeatable view of the rooftops of Paris and the best cocktails in the area.

  • 📍Address: 33 Rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Hôtel de Ville

6. Créatures (Galeries Lafayette)


Here, on the 8th floor of the Galeries Lafayette in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, we take you to discover one of the Parisian rooftops that is not so well hidden yet almost secret! Still little known to lovers of roof terraces and beautiful views, the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette has everything to please. This rooftop offers an impressive 360° panorama of Paris, with the Opera nearby and the Eiffel Tower in the background. But it’s not just about the view! The terrace also houses a colorful and creative bar-restaurant, called Créatures Paris. Opened in 2019 (replacing the Cube Bar), it offers a 100% vegetarian menu, complemented by a selection of refreshing drinks. What more could you ask for?

  • 📍Address: 40 Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Chaussée d’Antin – La Fayette

7. Perruche (Printemps Haussmann)


We recently talked about it in our top rooftop restaurants in Paris, here is Perruche, the rooftop of Printemps de l’Homme. Located on the 9th floor, it’s simply 500m2 of happiness with a cocktail bar area, restaurant, a vegetal ambiance, and all of it enhanced by one of the most beautiful views of Paris. Just that!

  • 📍Address: Printemps De L’Homme (9th floor) 2 Rue du Havre 75009 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Havre-Caumartin

8. Le Louxor

Le Louxor
®Le Louxor

Le Louxor is a famous Parisian cinema located in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital. This chic and trendy place is mentioned because the management decided to install a terrace on the roof of the building. Discreet but with a view of the Sacré Coeur, it welcomes guests to have a drink in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are looking for an unusual place among the best rooftops to have a drink in Paris, head to Le Louxor! Another unique place to discover in the same district? Le Lavomatic, a secret bar.

  • 📍Address: 170 Boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Barbès-Rochechouart

9. Café Oz Rooftop Paris

Café Oz Rooftop
®Café Oz Rooftop

An unbeatable view of Paris and the Seine, a festive and colorful atmosphere, and 1200m2 to enjoy; we are indeed talking about Café Oz Rooftop and its incredible roof terrace perched above the City of Fashion and Design. Divided into three parts; terrace, dance floor, and bar, this Parisian rooftop meets all the criteria for a great evening.

  • 📍Address: Cité de la Mode et du Design 34 Quai d’Austerlitz 75013 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Gare d’Austerlitz

10. L’Hôtel national des Arts et Métiers

Rooftop of L’Hôtel national des Arts et Métiers
®L’Hôtel national des Arts et Métiers

In the Marais, a district known for being lively and bathed in a friendly atmosphere, all of Paris flocks to the rooftops of the Hôtel national des Arts et Métiers. Here, people mainly come to enjoy ambient music while enjoying a beautiful panorama of Parisian rooftops. Beautifully decorated, the terrace is among the best rooftops to have a drink in Paris! You can enjoy cocktails prepared with passion by a dedicated team of bartenders, grab a quick snack, or simply meet up for a coffee. There’s something for everyone!

  • 📍Address: 243 rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Réaumur – Sébastopol, Arts et Métiers

11. Le Mama Shelter

Rooftop du Mama Shelter
® Le Mama Shelter

Here, we’re talking about a classic that certainly ranks among the best rooftops for a drink in Paris. Recently redecorated, it offers delicate and refined cuisine in the evening. Before lounging on the outdoor sofas or sinking into oversized cushions while sipping a Spritz to the sound of urban and trendy music. More focused on relaxation than on organizing wild parties, Mama Shelter offers chill evenings! Ping-pong tables, foosball, and other fun activities are available at this legendary place to de-stress after a hard day’s work. Or even a tough day of vacation, why not? The place is ideal if you’re coming straight from a visit to the Père-Lachaise Cemetery.

  • 📍Address: 109 rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris
  • 🚇Métro : Gambetta

12. Au Top Paris

Rooftop  Au Top
® Au Top Paris

Au Top, this rooftop! In fact, it’s in the heart of the Marais that this discreet restaurant is nestled. It features a bar with a terrace where a lovely view of one of the capital’s most beautiful neighborhoods is offered to customers! Here, you can enjoy typically oriental and spicy cuisine, such as couscous or sublime tagines. Or recharge on Sundays with family or friends around a hearty and delicious brunch. But be warned, reservations are essential to access one of the best rooftops for a drink in Paris!

  • 📍Address: 93 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 75003
  • 🚇Metro: Rambuteau, Saint Paul, Arts et Métiers

13. Machine du Moulin Rouge

Machine du Moulin Rouge
®Machine du Moulin Rouge

Yes, indeed! Why not take advantage of your stay in the capital to discover a legendary, unusual place that is now among the best rooftops for a drink in Paris? The Moulin Rouge, of course! In July, people come here to attend the mythical shows that are given, as well as to enjoy a cocktail, day or night, on the roof of the establishment. The terrace, green and more like a garden than a conventional rooftop, is welcoming. La Machine du Moulin Rouge offers a nice view of the Boulevard de Clichy and the sultry Pigalle district. Don’t hesitate, go discover this magical place!

  • 📍Address: 90 boulevard de Clichy, Paris 18
  • 🚇Métro: Blanche

14. Le Rooftop du Brach Paris

Le Rooftop du Brach
®Le Rooftop du Brach

This summer, Le Brach reinvents itself and offers a unique culinary experience with its 3 terraces. On the ground floor, a terrace restaurant offers a Mediterranean menu, and on the first floor, another terrace restaurant introduces you to elaborate Asian cuisine. But the jewel of Brach remains its brand new rooftop bar, Le Potager du Brach, which transports you out of the city and offers a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and the rooftops of Paris. In this transformed urban garden, you can enjoy cocktails created by the talented Jérémy Bacquet and a menu designed in collaboration with Bellota-Bellota. You can also admire the aromatic plants, fruits, and vegetables growing before your eyes and take a Norwegian bath to cool off. A surprise also awaits you at the chicken coop, where three laying hens reside!

  • 📍Address: 1-7 Rue Jean Richepin 75016 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Rue de la Pompe, La Muette

15. IlVolo


“A suspended nest above Paris for gourmets and night owls,” is the motto of IlVolo, the new rooftop of the Novotel Paris Vaugirard. For the taste buds, enjoy a delicious cocktail crafted by mixologist Matthias Giroud, as well as Mediterranean antipasti and tapas concocted by the talented Italian chef Denny Imbroisi, a former Top Chef contestant. For the eyes, the Eiffel Tower and the rooftops of Paris will take care of that!

  • 📍Address: Novotel Paris Vaugirard 257 rue de Vaugirard 75015 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Vaugirard

16. Le Skyline Bar & Lounge

Le Skyline Bar & Lounge
®Le Skyline Bar & Lounge

Our selection takes a bit of height with the Skyline; the sublime rooftop of La Défense located on the 19th floor of the Melia Paris hotel. Quite famous among Parisian rooftop lovers, this “Lounge & Bar” simply makes us want to collapse into one of the sofas, sip a Caipirinha, snack on some tapas, and admire the view of Paris from the roof terrace.

  • 📍Address: Hotel Melia Paris La Défense 4 Espl. du Général de Gaulle 92400 Courbevoie
  • 🚇Metro: Esplanade de La Défense

17. Khayma Rooftop Paris

Khayma Rooftop
®Khayma Rooftop

Why not reveal this little (almost) secret place in the 10th arrondissement? Located above the Generator Hostel, Khayma Rooftop welcomes you to its 150m2 roof terrace in one of the best neighborhoods of the capital. Enjoy cocktails for less than 10 euros in a relaxed atmosphere while admiring the sunset over the rooftops of Paris.

  • 📍Address: Generator Hostel 9-11 Pl. du Colonel Fabien 75010 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Colonel Fabien

18. Sequoia

Rooftop Sequoia

Just steps from the Opera Garnier and the Tuileries Garden, the modern Kimpton St Honoré Paris hotel offers you a moment of happiness with its elegant rooftop bar and garden, called Sequoia. Filled with greenery and dotted with sofas and dining tables, it offers a panoramic view of central Paris and its iconic monuments. A bubble of relaxation above Paris, where you can enjoy sunny cocktails during the day or come in the evening for an intimate atmosphere lit by candles for dinner or a drink.

  • 📍Address: Hôtel Kimpton St Honoré Paris 27 – 29 Boulevard des Capucines 75002 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Opéra

19. Hotel Rochechouart Rooftop

Le Rooftop de l’Hôtel Rochechouart
®Le Rooftop de l’Hôtel Rochechouart

Located on the 9th floor of the Hôtel Rochechouart and simply called the Rooftop Bar, this Parisian rooftop is a true hanging garden. Adorned with plants, aromatic herbs, and wrought iron tables and benches, it is surrounded by a 360° view of Paris (and offers an incredible tête-à-tête with the Sacré-Cœur). Open every day (weather permitting), the Rooftop Bar offers a well-thought-out Parisian menu consisting of a selection of homemade bites and artisanal cocktails.

  • 📍Address: 55 Boulevard Marguerite de Rochechouart 75009 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Pigalle

20. Le Rooftop Molitor

Le Rooftop Molitor
®Le Rooftop Molitor

Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, near Roland Garros and Parc des Princes, the Rooftop Molitor offers sun (yes, really!), music, and cocktails in a particularly atypical setting. On the horizon, an impressive view of Paris, and below, a breathtaking view of the hotel’s iconic pool. The rooftop menu is designed for summer: creative and artisanal cocktails and a fresh, tasty, and organic selection of salads, ceviches, mezze, tartares, and ice creams. Whether for dinner or a drink, this rooftop is worth a visit on all levels.

  • 📍Address: Hôtel Molitor 13 Rue Nungesser et Coli 75016 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Michel-Ange Molitor

21. Le Rooftop du Canopy Paris

Le Rooftop du Canopy
®Le Rooftop du Canopy

Just steps from the Trocadéro Gardens, discover the rooftop of Canopy by Hilton Paris Trocadéro. A charming terrace offering a panoramic view of the rooftops of Paris, including the majestic Eiffel Tower! Open during the summer season, the rooftop is equipped with lounge chairs, high tables, benches, and umbrellas and offers a menu of shareable dishes, as well as refreshing and artisanal cocktails. A top address for a high-altitude break!

  • 📍Address: Canopy by Hilton Paris Trocadéro 16 Av. d’Eylau 75116 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Trocadéro

22. Le Toit de l’Hôtel Raphael

Le Toit de l’Hôtel Raphael
®Le Toit de l’Hôtel Raphael

The Roof of the Hôtel Raphael, located at the top of the five-star Raphael hotel, is a little bubble in the heart of Paris. Adjacent to the Champs-Élysées, it offers an exceptional view of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Lush and green, the terrace is a real garden in the air. Here you can enjoy delicious cocktails, the best French champagnes and wines, as well as a refined selection of dishes to share.

  • 📍Address: Hôtel Raphaël 17 avenue Kléber 75116 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Boissière, Argentine

23. L’Oiseau Blanc

L’Oiseau Blanc
®L’Oiseau Blanc

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known, and it’s easy to see why. Chic and sophisticated, L’Oiseau Blanc, at the Peninsula Hotel, boasts a very high-end restaurant. On the sixth floor, there’s a terrace with a view of… the Eiffel Tower. Yes, just that! Of course, everything has its price, and a prestigious menu enjoyed while listening to uniformed violinists and contemplating a panorama of the Sacré Coeur, the Eiffel Tower, and the most beautiful buildings of the capital is not necessarily accessible to everyone. But it is worth it if you are looking to spend an exceptional moment in a prestigious place that is definitely one of the best rooftops for a drink in Paris.

  • 📍Address: 19 Avenue Kléber, 75116 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Klebber

24. The Shed

The Shed
®The Shed

The Shed is a true Eden hidden on the rooftops of Paris. This rooftop, perched atop the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, offers a charming green terrace away from prying eyes. Open every day from 5 pm to 11 pm, escape the Parisian hustle and bustle by sipping one of their generous homemade cocktails. But remember to book!

  • 📍Address: Hôtel des Grands Boulevards 17 Bd Poissonnière 75002 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Grands Boulevards

25. Roof


We finish this selection of the best rooftops in Paris in style with this roof located at the top of the famous Poste du Louvre. A gigantic 1000m2 space overlooking the city of Paris and offering an exceptional 180-degree view of its monuments such as the church of Saint-Eustache, Beaubourg, the Panthéon, and Notre-Dame. This summer-colored space, fully greened and beautifully decorated, calls for only one thing: relaxation. A great way to end our top 25 Parisian rooftops. See you up there?

  • 📍 Address: 43 rue Etienne Marcel 75002 Paris
  • 🚇Metro: Les Halles, Sentier

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