The Isle of Beauty is one of Europe’s top destinations: discover our guide to getting to Corsica from Marseille by ferry!

Is there a more beautiful destination in mainland France than Corsica? This island, the fourth largest in the Mediterranean, boasts unique charm and breathtaking scenery. It’s also unique in terms of its location within France. For the Isle of Beauty is not just another region of France. It boasts a unique administrative situation, the fruit of an eventful and fascinating history, as well as a culture that has been preserved and cherished by its inhabitants. Visiting Corsica is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of this magnificent island, to discover sublime landscapes, hidden coves, turquoise beaches and rugged, wild mountains. These dreamy settings are complemented by an exceptional climate, friendly locals despite the clichés, and a rich culture.

Do you want total freedom to discover the island? Then why not take a trip in your own vehicle? Travelling to Corsica from Marseille by ferry is an excellent way to easily visit the island’s most beautiful sites, such as the superb Ajaccio, the small medieval town of Sartène, the dazzling Nonza or Île Rousse.

Breathtaking scenery awaits you in Corsica, a diamond in the rough nestled between sea and mountains! Interested in this adventure? Find out how to get to Corsica from Marseille by ferry!

Ferry companies linking Corsica to Marseille

The two best ways to get to Corsica are by air and by ferry. Corsica is a superb destination to visit by car, van or camper van. Whether you’re coming from the South of France or the rest of the country, if you want to discover this island of Beauty in complete freedom, the ferry is the best solution if you’re coming with your own vehicle. It’s even generally cheaper than buying a plane ticket or renting a car on the spot.

Marseille is obviously one of the best departure points for ferrying to Corsica. From the port of Marseille, you can embark for Bastia, Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, Ile Rousse or Propriano. Allow 11 hours on average to reach Ile Rousse, Bastia and Ajaccio. For Porto-Vecchio, allow at least 14 hours and up to 17 hours. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Marseille, you can choose the port of Toulon to reach Corsica by ferry. You can also go to Nice, Genoa or Livorno (in Italy).

To get to Corsica from Marseille by ferry, you can choose between two companies: Corsica Linea and La Méridionale.

Please note: As the port of Marseille is vast, there are several departure points, depending on the company.

Check prices and availability for ferries to Corsica

Plan a ferry trip to Corsica with Direct Ferries

To book ferries to Corsica from Marseille, use the ferry comparison tool at Direct Ferries. On this platform, you’ll generally find the best fares and timetables (alas, imposed), as close as possible to your vacation dates. You can then easily book your trip to Corsica from Marseille.

All Corsican ports are served all year round (with the exception of Propiano). In general, there’s a trip every day to the main destinations, with the two partner companies normally running one rotation a day. Most crossings take place at night.

On average, there are 8 crossings a week between Ajaccio and Marseille and between Bastia and Marseille, 4 for Porto-Vecchio, as well as for Île Rousse (Corsica Linea only) and for Propiano (La Méridionale only). If the routes from Marseille don’t suit your preferences, you can still go to Toulon or Nice, or even Genoa in Italy.

How do I book a ferry to Corsica from Marseille?

Just as when you book a flight or other public transport, it’s advisable to buy your ticket several weeks in advance if you can. Booking a ticket couldn’t be easier.

Go to the Direct Ferries website and :

  • Enter your vacation dates for the return trip from Marseille to your desired destination in Corsica.

You’ll also be asked to specify the desired timetable, the number of passengers, the number of pets, and the type, make and model of your vehicle if you’re traveling with one.

Please note that prices can quickly fluctuate upwards, especially as summer approaches and seats become scarce. Currently, prices for summer 2019 exceed €500. Outside the summer season, or if you book in advance, prices are more reasonable and can fall below €300.

  • Choose the options you want for your crossing

Whether it’s your seat, your type of cabin (an optional extra, but without sleeping on deck or in the ship’s lounge), or whether you’d like priority boarding and meals. These options logically increase the price.

  • If you wish, take out cancellation insurance

We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance at no extra cost, for €9.75 per passenger. Changes and cancellations are frequent, and with the standard ticket, the change fee can be as high as €35.

Please note: on the Corsica Linea and La Méridionale websites, fares are more or less the same as on Direct Ferries.

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