Discover the 12 things to do in Saint-Florent, Corsica’s incredible Saint-Tropez!

Saint-Florent is one of the most beautiful parts of the Isle of Beauty. Here, the scrub-covered mountains, dotted with high peaks, reign supreme. Yet it is no less generous!

It breaks away from time to time to make way for sparkling beaches, vertiginous peaks littered with eagles’ nests, clusters of courageously clinging villages and gentle valleys leading down to the sea. Saint-Florent, apart from being an ideal starting point for touring the Cap Corse, is a destination well worth a few days’ visit.

The village attracts fishermen, sailors, stars and locals in search of absolute nature. There’s no doubt about it: you’ll love it too. So discover the 11 must-dos in Saint-Florent, Corsica’s Saint-Tropez. Less pretentious and more intimate…

1. The Old Town of Saint-Florent

Stroll in the old town of Saint-florent is something you should do
Place de la Doria

Visiting Saint-Florent inevitably involves taking the time to stroll through its old town. The old alleys overflow with charm and lead you, gently and romantically, to quaint squares, charming churches, and refreshing fountains.

To meet locals who are fond of pétanque and young people who come to meet friends, settle down more on the Place des Portes or the Place de la Doria. Also, look up at the pretty facades that embrace you.

2. The Citadel of Saint-Florent

The Citadel of Saint-florent - one of the must see things

The citadel of Saint-Florent, round and sun-bleached, was built by the Genoese. It has been overlooking time and resisting assaults since 1439. This citadel is much more than a historical monument to visit in Saint-Florent.

It is a cultural center that houses superb exhibitions in its keep. In summer, festivals and popular evenings make the old walls vibrate. You can access it by a pleasant walk from the old town behind the port. At the top of the Citadel esplanade, the panorama is striking! The view is breathtaking over the Marina, the bay of Saint-Florent, and the Agriates Desert: a true postcard scene!

3. The Port of Saint-Florent

Enjoy a stroll on the port is a thing to do in Saint-Florent

A stroll on the small port is a must among the things to do in Saint-Florent. Nestled at the end of a marvelous bay and framed by mountains, this marina reminds us that the village was once a fishing village.

Along the quays, one willingly savors fresh fish and seafood under the blazing sun and admires the landscape! At nightfall, the port of Saint-Florent changes its face. It’s time for evenings in bars and restaurants: a mandatory passage if you want to visit Saint-Florent as it should be.

4. A Boat Ride

take a chance to do a boat ride when visiting Saint-Florent

If you are passing through the island of beauty, there is one step you must not miss under any circumstances: renting a boat in Saint-Florent! An afternoon of dreams will then be offered to you…

On the program, you can then follow the sublime coasts of the region, and understand why this destination has become one of the true must-sees in Corsica. You can navigate to the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, then get lost in the 8,000 hectares of the Natural Reserve of the Bouches de Bonifacio. But that’s not all, with a little more time, you will even have the possibility to access the famous Lavezzi Islands, this sublime Corsican archipelago…

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5. Corsican Specialties

Corsican culinary Specialties

Let’s be honest… Corsican cuisine alone justifies the trip! Imagine: Cannelloni with Brocciu cheese, the aroma of roasted kid goat infused with sage and oregano. The wine that intoxicates you (a little) and the parade of cheeses to spread with fig jam.

Then, your taste buds dreaming of a sweet touch despite a stomach already well filled. The divine flavor of chestnut flan then explodes in your mouth. To wash it all down, you’ll surely take a myrtle liqueur.

Then, finally, you are quite ready to do it all over again the next day! This time you taste a platter of delicacies with a subtle and fragrant taste. You bite into a piece of Corsican veal, rustic and tasty. You love it, even if you hesitated for a long time between this meat and the lobster pasta…

You’ve understood it. Visiting Saint-Florent is UN-MISS-ABLY about making your taste buds travel and gaining a few comforting pounds!

6. The Agriates Desert

The Agriates Desert, is the best thing to do close to Saint-Florent

Pierre Benoit wrote: “It looks like a vast field of bones, a land set apart and unsettling, the imagination willingly strays: the dolmens are the ogre’s ships and the bridges are constructions of the Devil.”

This is a wonderful description of the Agriates. Do not be fooled by its name, this desert is in fact one of the largest natural sites on the Mediterranean coast. Populated by all kinds of animals, watercourses, dense and impenetrable vegetation, eroded rocks: it is a true Corsican oasis.

However, there are no dwellings or traces of human life. But what a joy to take adventure paths in a rocky, luminous, and wild symphony that has discouraged all real estate agencies. A leading figure among the things to do in Saint-Florent, it can be reached by the customs officers’ path, on foot or by mountain bike, by road or by sea.

On-site, one can hike between shores and hinterland or bronze on a beach worthy of the Bahamas (Saleccia, Ghignu, or Lotu).

7. The Beaches close to Saint-Florent

The Beaches around Saint Florent are incredibly beautiful

Since we’re talking about it! Here, the beautiful beaches form a string of wonders. First, there are the paradisiacal beaches of the Agriates Desert, including Saleccia: undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Corsica. This marvel is accessible from the village (12 kilometers of walking) or by sea. Soaked in Aleppo pines and golden dunes, Saleccia resembles a tropical painting.

Other beaches to see when you want to visit Saint-Florent while basking in the sun: those of Olzu, Ospedale, and Malfalco. The first two are splendid sandy and pebble beaches, stretched between a stunning blue-green palette. The third is favored by motorcyclists (difficult road access by car), boaters, and hikers who roam the customs officers’ path.

Less spectacular but almost in the center of Saint-Florent: the Roya beach. Ideal for a picnic by the pine forest, feet in calm water.

8. The Customs Officers’ Path

a stroll along the Customs Officers' Path offers incredible scenery

This magnificent hike, accessible to all, allows you to discover the splendor of the Agriates. A must-do in Saint-Florent is to hike at least one section. The first exceptional stage, from Saint-Florent (departure from Plage de la Roya) to Saleccia, lasts six hours. The walk takes in splendid sites such as the Mortella tower and Lotu beach.

Walking enthusiasts can continue on their way. From Saleccia to Ghignu, the coastal path takes three hours. The final stage takes six hours and takes you along the seafront to Ostriconi.

This beach is a subtle blend of the Agriates, the Ostracon valley, the meandering river and the sea. Of course, it’s impossible to do it all in one day. So take a look at the gîtes and inns at the end of each stage.

9. Water Sports

Water Sports in Saint Florent

Corsica is an ideal location for water sports: windsurfing, water skiing, flyboarding, paddleboarding, jet-skiing, surfing, kitesurfing… you name it! In the Saint-Florent area, scuba diving is particularly popular.

Visiting Saint-Florent gives you access to fabulous spots with a rich fauna. Octopuses, moray eels, bands of groupers: it’s a never-ending ballet amidst red coral and colorful gorgonians. Our favorites include Pointe de Curza, Roche de Nonza and La Vecchia.

10. The Wine Route

Discover the vineyards around saint-florent

Saint-Florent is a land of winegrowers. The “Route des Vins” (Wine Route), which testifies to Cap Corse’s viticultural expertise, passes through this epicurean hamlet. While the vineyards and their importance are reflected in a wide variety of wines, it’s above all the white wines that are given pride of place.

Muscat in particular. Take a trip along the Route des Vins and the great cellars. Along the way, you’ll come across picturesque Corsican villages in the hinterland. Patrimonio, with its superb views over the valley and its Baroque church, is a particular highlight.

11. The Cathedral of Santa-Maria-Assunta

Cathedral of Santa-Maria-Assunta, Saint-Florent

Among the things to do in Saint-Florent if you’re a lover of old stones: the Cathedral of Santa-Maria-Assunta. Also known as the Cathedral of Nebbio, this is the pinnacle of your historical peregrinations.

This beautiful church is ablaze with stylized sculptures of great beauty. Its Romanesque style bears witness to the splendor of the Pisan era. In fact, did you know that it is the most elaborate medieval monument in Corsica?

12. The Porto Latino Festival

Porto Latino Festival gradually becomes a must-see event

If you have the chance to visit Saint-Florent between the 25th and 28th of August, do not miss the Porto Latino festival. Since 1998, the town comes alive for four days to the fiery rhythms of Latin American music. It’s a cultural highlight that brings together music lovers from all over the island and beyond.

How do I get to Saint-Florent?

The main gateway to Saint-Florent is Bastia. This is the nearest airport. It’s about a forty-minute drive away.

Every day, many planes fly from mainland France to Bastia. To find the most attractive offer, don’t hesitate to compare flights on our partner site Skyscanner.

If you disembark by ferry in Bastia: In the same way, you can also drive to Saint-Florent!

Check prices and availability for ferries to Corsica

If you don’t have a car, there are regular bus services between Bastia and Saint-Florent.

Where to stay in Saint-Florent?

Campsites, bed and breakfasts, budget or luxury hotels and even Airbnb, Saint-Florent is bursting with accommodation. To find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to use a hotel comparator, which will scan all the best offers for you.

We recommend staying in the area near the Roya beach (Fromontica) or in the historic center of the village. If you want to visit Saint-Florent without staying in the heart of the village, head for the Tettola district.

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