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Known the world over for its French Cancan cabaret, immortalized by painter Toulouse-Lautrec, the Moulin Rouge never ceases to fascinate and attract the eye: who hasn’t wanted to discover this other world of sequins, rhinestones, feathers, original music and the most beautiful girls in the world?
For over 110 years now, it has welcomed millions of spectators who come to admire the famous revue, in particular the “Féérie” revue with 60 dancers and over 1000 costumes that parade before your astonished eyes during the evening.

Come and join us for one of the cabaret revue performances at 9:00 pm, and immerse yourself in this world of shimmering colors and heady music for almost 2 hours of entertainment.

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Whether you’re coming as a couple or with friends, this place is sure to seduce you. It’s the promise of an evening you won’t soon forget.

Enjoy an evening with a dinner show in a legendary venue, admiring the sensational “Doriss Girls” and their various sensational tableaux, such as the French Cancan.

Please note that business attire is required, with jacket and tie highly appreciated, and that the establishment is non-smoking. A half-bottle of champagne per person is included with the revue.

Moulin Rouge Showtimes and Ticketing: Plan Your Visit

the Moulin Rouge entrance

Discover the enchanting world of Moulin Rouge by planning your visit in advance. Showtimes vary, with options typically including early evening and late-night performances. To secure your spot, book tickets online where you can choose from different seating categories and price points. Remember, popular shows sell out fast, so early booking is recommended. Whether you’re opting for a show-only ticket or a dinner-inclusive experience, each option offers a unique way to enjoy this iconic Parisian spectacle.

Dress Code at Moulin Rouge: What to Wear for Your Night Out

When visiting the Moulin Rouge, dressing the part adds to the experience. The venue encourages smart attire. For men, a jacket and tie are admired but not required, while women often opt for elegant dresses. However, avoid overly casual wear like shorts, sportswear, or flip-flops. Embracing the glamour of the the place not only respects its rich tradition but also enhances your own experience.

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Getting to Moulin Rouge: Transportation and Directions

Located in the heart of Paris’ 18th arrondissement, Moulin Rouge is easily accessible by public transport. The closest metro station is Blanche on Line 2, just a stone’s throw away from the venue. If you’re traveling by car, there are several parking options nearby. Considering Parisian traffic, public transport is often the most convenient way to reach it, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the city en route.

  • 📍 Address: 82 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris
  • 🚇 Public Transport : Metro Line 2; Blanche ; Bus 30 / 54 / 68 / 74.

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Dining at Moulin Rouge: Culinary Delights Before the Show

Enhance your Moulin Rouge experience with a sumptuous dinner. The venue offers exquisite French cuisine, with multiple menu options to suit various tastes. If you prefer dining elsewhere, the Montmartre district boasts a plethora of restaurants and bistros, offering everything from traditional French fare to international cuisine. Dining before the show is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the full Parisian cabaret experience.

Understanding Moulin Rouge Performances: Show Themes and Duration

A Moulin Rouge show is a mesmerizing blend of dance, music, and theater. Lasting about two hours, the performances are a spectacle of color, light, and sound, showcasing the talent of the Doriss Girls and Doriss Dancers. Each show has its unique theme, often revolving around love, beauty, and the essence of Parisian cabaret. Be prepared for a night of enchantment that captivates your senses and leaves you spellbound.

See the Moulin Rouge show at 9:00 pm

the Moulin Rouge show

Paris means Pigalle and its little women, but it also means the famous Moulin Rouge and its internationally renowned cabaret revue. Come and discover this incredible world, a mecca of Parisian chic and glamour, through a show full of color and music, but also through its sets, costumes and, above all, the grace of its dancers.

The Moulin Rouge is THE festive tradition par excellence when you come to Paris: if there were only one place to go for fun and extravagant evenings out, it would be there. Today, you have the long-awaited opportunity to take part in a revue at the famous Parisian cabaret.

Special Deals and Packages at Moulin Rouge: Enhancing Your Experience

For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, they offer various packages including VIP seating, champagne, and exclusive souvenirs. Seasonal and special event packages are also available, providing a unique twist to the standard show experience. Keep an eye on the official website, on or sign up for their newsletter to stay informed about these special offers.

The Legacy of Moulin Rouge: A Journey Through Its History

The place is memorable: bought out at the end of the 19th century, it was the place where all the madness, the most famous concerts and balls, but also scandals, met. All the chicest Parisian celebrities passed through this bustling venue.

It was also at the Moulin Rouge that many celebrities shaped the image of a postcard Paris: La Goulue and Mistinguett come to mind, as do more recent stars such as Jean Gabin, Liza Minelli, Maurice Chevalier, Frank Sinatra and Elton John. We’re telling you, the Moulin Rouge is the place to be in Paris.

Real Experiences: Visitor Reviews of Moulin Rouge

Hearing from those who’ve experienced the show firsthand can be invaluable. Visitor reviews often highlight the vibrant atmosphere, the quality of performances, and the overall experience. Many guests appreciate the professionalism of the artists and the exceptional service. These insights can help set your expectations and offer practical tips for your visit.

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