The Complete Guide to Preparing Your 2024 visit at Disneyland Paris

Children and adults alike can’t resist the magic of Disneyland Paris. The famous theme park, located just a few kilometers east of Paris, attracts millions of visitors every year in search of enchantment, adrenalin and emotion. A visit to Disneyland Paris is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the Disney universe, a world that has been transporting us into the world of imagination and wonder since our earliest childhood!

From attractions to practical information, timetables and prices, find out everything you need to know to visit Disneyland Paris in the best possible conditions!

When to come to Disneyland Paris in 2023?

Préparez votre visite à Disneyland Paris pour profiter pleinement de la magie

Choosing the right season or period to come to Disneyland Paris is a very important subject. Is it better to come in summer for longer days, or in winter for Christmas? Is it better to come in the off-peak season to save money? Weekdays or weekends? These are just some of the questions I’d like to answer below.

Choosing a date to visit Disney Paris

Choosing the right date to visit the Disney parks will greatly influence the quality of your day or stay. The difference between waiting times of 15 to 30 minutes and over an hour on busy days is enormous when added up.

During several periods of the year, the park welcomes very few visitors. So by coming to the park during the periods from early September to mid-October, from mid-January to the Easter holidays and on back-to-school days, as well as on December 26, visitors can avoid the crowds and enjoy the attractions without queuing! However, it’s also during this period that many attractions are closed for renovation. What’s more, there may be few shows and events scheduled during these periods. We also advise visitors to find out in advance which attractions will be open at the time of their day at Disneyland Parks and Disney Studios, so as not to be disappointed by their visit!

Certain days should be avoided: school holidays, weekends (especially Saturdays), but also certain holiday periods. To help you make this crucial choice, we’ve put together :

Check the calendar with day-by-day forecasts

Halloween, Christmas, Spring or Summer?

In my experience, the peak season runs from October to the end of December, with Halloween and Christmas, Disneyland Paris’ flagship seasons, packed with themed shows and decorations! This is the busiest time of the year, but it’s also when Disneyland Paris pulls out all the stops in terms of shows, magic and atmosphere!

Visiting the parks during one of these seasons at Disneyland Paris gives you every chance of a magical, enchanting experience! As for the crowds expected at Disneyland Paris during these periods, they vary. Sometimes high – especially during school holidays and certain weekends – sometimes very reasonable.

A reminder of Disneyland Paris’ regular seasons:
Halloween Festival: early October to early November
Enchanted Christmas: mid-November to early January

Off-peak periods at Disneyland Paris in 2023

Off-peak periods can be interesting for visitors looking for an economical stay. Disney hotels are less expensive at this time of year, but it’s important to know that Disneyland Paris takes advantage of this low-traffic period to carry out some work in the parks and bring certain attractions to a standstill.

In the off-peak period, visitors can expect to find the park in slow motion, with more attractive prices and no extra decorations. But that doesn’t mean your stay at Disneyland Paris will be any less magical.

Off-peak periods at Disneyland Paris
January – February – June – September

Staying at Disneyland Paris: week or weekend?

Here’s a frequently asked question. Should you come during the week and make your children miss school, or wait for the weekend? Dilemma …

Coming to Disneyland Paris on weekdays

The crowds are much smaller during the week, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But this adage is somewhat skewed during school holidays, especially in certain seasons. Ideally, of course, if you can come on a weekday outside school holidays, you’re sure to find parks with low crowds and relatively short waiting times at attractions and restaurants. Ideal for couples, for example, or without children.

Disneyland Paris during school holidays

In my opinion, weekday school holidays are the best time to come with children (except for Halloween and Christmas), because they’re less crowded than weekends, and your little ones won’t have to miss school.

Check the school holidays calendar in France before booking.

Disneyland Paris at weekends

Good to know
There are specific rules for bringing other pets such as birds, ornamental aquatic animals, reptiles, rodents and rabbits into France. Find out more in advance.

Finally, weekends are very popular with French families, from Friday evening to Sunday evening. There are more people, but the days are longer because the parks close later. Some shows also offer more performances on weekends, and all the restaurants are open. Although weekends are the busiest days of the year, with a little organization, you can make the most of your stay and keep excellent memories!

Plan your visit to Disneyland Paris in advance

If families and children have chosen to visit one or more of the Disneyland and Disney Studios parks, it’s essential to consult the park map in advance and to know which attractions and shows everyone wants to do, so as to avoid unnecessary trips back and forth between the two parks or between the different Disneyland park universes. This saves time, so you can make the most of it!

But be careful! Some attractions may be closed on the day of your visit. This may be due to a one-off incident, but it won’t last long. On the other hand, some attractions may have to be closed for several days, or even weeks, to allow them to be renovated or brought up to standard. Check the list of currently closed Disney Studios attractions here. No need to go there and waste time…

Buy tickets in advance online

It’s now compulsory to buy Disney tickets in advance online. As well as avoiding long queues at the park entrances, since Covid, Disney no longer sells tickets on site. offers discounts on admission prices from time to time.

Find cheap tickets for Disneyland Paris

Bring a backpack

A backpack is more practical than a handbag, as it allows you to distribute the weight of your water bottle, umbrella sweater, picnic if you want to eat your own sandwich in the park, and souvenir goodies so you never forget that magical moment at Disney Park.

8 tips for saving time at Disneyland and Disney Studios attractions

Immerse yourself in different worlds during your visit to Disneyland Paris

During peak periods, waiting times at the park’s most popular attractions can be very long. Here are some tips on how to avoid waiting too long at Disney attractions:

1. Visit Attractions during Parades and Disney Illumination

During parades and the Disney Illuminations night show, attractions are open and remain so until the park closes. Most visitors go to see these shows, so these are the perfect times to enjoy the attractions, as most visitors will be busy with the shows and there will be virtually no queues at the attractions at these times.

2. Attractions Between 12PM and 2PM

By this time, most visitors have stopped off at the parks’ various restaurants and snack bars for refreshments. As a result, waiting times at the park’s various attractions are much shorter.

3. Staying after 6 PM at Disneyland

Closing time at Disneyland Paris varies with the season, from 8pm to midnight, but in general, whatever the closing time, visitors tend to leave in droves at 6pm. So by leaving later, or even staying until closing time, visitors can enjoy the attractions with far fewer queues, and avoid the crowds on the shuttles back to Disney Hotels and Disney Partners.

4. Extra Magic Hours

The “Extra Magic Hours” are from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (i.e. two hours before opening time), when Disneyland Park is accessible only to visitors staying at Disney hotels or with certain Annual Passes. This means they can enter the park before most visitors, and enjoy many attractions without having to queue long. However, these “Extra Magic Hours” are only available at Disneyland and not at Walt Disney Studios.

5. The Baby Switch Pass

The Baby Switch is a free pass that lets you ride an attraction without your child (too small for the attraction), leaving him/her with your partner so that he/she can ride the attraction in turn, without having to queue up again. To use this service, the first person in the pair must queue alone while the second waits outside with baby/children. The first person does the attraction and at the exit collects the Baby Switch pass, which he gives to the second person, who in turn looks after the children. The second person goes to the attraction exit and boards directly without having to queue. This system is only used on thrill rides with size restrictions at Disneyland and thrill rides with size restrictions at Disney Studios.

6. Single Rider

This service is a specific entrance for single visitors or members of a group who agree to be separated and board alone. However, this service is not available at all Disneyland and Disney Studios attractions. Only Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland and RC Racer, Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, Crush ‘s Coaster and Ratatouille: Rémy’s Totally Wacky Adventure at Disney Studios offer single rider queuing.

7. Fastpass & Disney Premier Access

Fastpass has been replaced by a fee-based system to be discovered here: Disney Premier Access. This is available either :

  • attraction by attraction, called Disney Premier Access One (you pay in the app)
  • Disney Premier Access Ultimate, valid for one day, once per attraction.

8. How to Select the Best Toilets in Disneyland to Avoid Long Queues?

This question may seem surprising, but going to the toilet at Disneyland can waste a lot of time during the day, because of the time spent queuing to get there. In fact, it’s best to avoid the toilets on the main thoroughfares and look for the hidden, less-frequented toilets, particularly towards the East exit, near the arboretum and at the Front Lot of Walt Disney Studios Park.

How many days at Disneyland Paris?

The number of days you spend at Disneyland Paris should be decided at the outset of your project, as it will affect your entire stay in every way: which attractions to visit first, what your budget will be, how much access you’ll have and how much time you’ll have to rest and/or eat.

1 day

Ideal for Parisians or visitors living near the Ile de France who don’t have a long commute that would take up a good part of the day. Spending just one day at Disneyland Paris is also accessible to train travelers who, depending on their journey time, can make the round trip during the day (e.g. from Lyon or Lille, taking the first and last trains of the day).

2 days at Disneyland Paris

This is the most popular choice of stay. With this option, visitors generally spend a day in each park and part of the evening in Disney Village. 2 days is the guarantee of a visit to the must-see attractions of Disneyland Paris, at a pace fast enough for the visitor who wants to do as many things as possible, all at a reasonable price since it only includes one night’s stay.

3 days at Disneyland Paris

In my opinion, this is the most comfortable formula for Disney-loving visitors who want to take the time to enjoy their stay, sometimes visiting attractions several times, treating themselves to one or more sit-down restaurants or making the most of the hotel facilities (spa, swimming pool, gym, etc.) to relax between 2 visits to the Disney parks.

4 days at Disneyland Paris

For those with a sweet tooth! 4 days at Disneyland Paris gives you the best chance of seeing and doing everything, maybe even several times! Shows, parades, photolocations, restaurants with characters, shopping, and why not an excursion to Val d’Europe and its Vallée Village are all things you’ll have time to fully appreciate over 4 days. It’s also an opportunity to enjoy a stress-free stay, getting up at the time you want, without the rush of attractions.

What to do at Disneyland Paris?

Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides at Disneyland Paris

There are so many things to see and do at Disneyland Paris, it would take too long to list them all. So, instead, I’m proposing a top for each park and Disney Village to prioritize certain activities. I’d add a seasonal top, for the best activities to do during the seasons of Christmas, Halloween or Spring at Disneyland Paris.

Top 10 things to do at Disneyland Park

  • attend Disney Illuminations, the superb night-time show
  • stop off at the Boardwalk Candy Palace for a sweet treat on Main Street USA
  • take a photo in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • ride the crazy train at Big Thunder Mountain, a must-see attraction at Disneyland Paris
  • wave to Mickey, all his friends and the Disney Princesses in the Parade
  • visit La Boutique du Château, where it’s Christmas all year round!
  • become a pirate for a Pirates of the Caribbean attraction
  • rediscover the retro-futuristic ambience of Autopia and Mysteries of the Nautilus
  • do “it’s a small world” and never forget the music again
  • take a relaxing Disneyland Railroad tour of the park

Top 10 things to do at Walt Disney Studios Park in 2023

  • stroll around Place de Rémy, make Ratatouille and dine at Bistrot Chez Rémy
  • tumble down a few flights of stairs and experience the sensation of weightlessness at the Tower of Terror
  • meet Olaf at Animation Building
  • pretend you’re a toy and take a photo at Buzz l’Eclair’s feet at the entrance to Toy Story Playland
  • get a glimpse of the atmosphere of the old film studios as you walk through Studio 1
  • be patient as you ride the East Australian Current at Crush’s Coaster
  • get the little ones dreaming with Studio D’s Dream Factory (opening soon)
  • discover Avengers Campus and meet the Marvel Super Heroes!
  • be enchanted by the Mickey and the Magician show at Animagique Theater
  • strike a pose with Martin and Flash, and spin, spin, spin at Cars Four Wheels Rally with the youngest guests

10 things to do at Disney Village in 2023

  • shopping at World of Disney
  • dine in a retro diner at Annette’s Diner …
  • … or enjoy a coffee in the cosy atmosphere of Starbucks Coffee!
  • splurge on a pack or keyring at the Lego Store, it’s so cool!
  • take a look at the model of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at The Disney Gallery
  • grab a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich, the only one of its kind in France …
  • … or eat in the heart of the jungle at the Rainforest Café, but watch out for thunderstorms!
  • splurge on a Spirit Jersey at Disney Fashion
  • take advantage of the IMAX theatre, with one of the biggest screens in France, to see a film and be amazed …
  • – … or end the day with a Country concert at Billy Bob’s!

Which hotel to choose at Disneyland Paris?

Which hotel to choose at Disneyland Paris

Hotels are an integral part of your stay at Disneyland Paris, and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for among the 7 Disney hotels, the 7 partner hotels in Val de France or the many hotels in Val d’Europe / Marne la Vallée. Please note that the Disneyland Hotel is under construction until 2024.

Looking for magic?

If you’re a visitor in search of magic, a change of scenery and Disney throughout your stay, Disney hotels are for you! With their original themes, immersive decor that will transport you to another world, gourmet restaurants and Disneyland Paris boutique, Disney hotels are the most magical in Marne la Vallée! When you stay here, you’ll forget all about your everyday life, and be in your own little Disney bubble, from your room to the parks!

See prices for hotels in Disneyland Paris

Choose your Disney hotel below:

  • Cheyenne Hotel
  • Hotel Newport Bay Club
  • Hotel New York Marvel

In terms of value for money, I prefer the Newport Bay Club (upmarket), the Sequoia Lodge (mid-range) and the Santa Fe (entry-level)

Good to know

  • Disney hotels offer free shuttle service to the Disney parks (except Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch).
  • Disney’s New York Hotel is currently under renovation.
  • Continental breakfast is no longer included in overnight stays at Disney hotels.
  • Disney characters are present in Disney hotels in the morning (except Davy Crockett Ranch).
  • Free parking.
  • Free luggage storage

Which Disney hotel is right for a small budget?

Disney hotels are certainly the most magical, but they represent a budget that not everyone can afford. For those on a budget, there are a number of low-cost hotels close to the Disney parks, although you’ll need to buy your park tickets separately.

I recommend the following budget hotels:

All three are within easy reach of the Disney parks, and can be reached quickly from the Disneyland Paris exit by car or on foot for the Hipark, by shuttle for the Kyriad or by RER for the Ibis.

Which hotel for a family stay at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris’ partner hotels in the Val de France are an excellent alternative to Disney hotels for a family stay, if you want to cut the price of a Disney trip. Some of these hotels offer a setting that children will love, with play areas and a swimming pool, while others will be a haven of peace for visitors without children to relax in after a visit to the parks, which are served by free shuttles.

For a family holidays, I recommend :

For a stay in couple or without children I recommend :

Where to eat at Disneyland Paris?

There are so many restaurants of all styles and prices at Disneyland Paris that it can sometimes be difficult to choose. Ideally, during your stay, I’d advise you to try at least one sit-down restaurant so that you can indulge, relax, eat healthily and enjoy the magic of the place.

Here are my top 3 for each type of restaurant at Disneyland Paris:

The best sit-down restaurants at Disneyland Paris

  • Bistrot Chez Rémy
  • Walt’s – an American Restaurant
  • Captain Jack’ – Pirates’ Restaurant

The best buffets at Disneyland Paris

  • Pym Kitchen
  • Agrabah Café
  • Downtown Restaurant

The top fast food restaurants at Disneyland Paris

  • Hakuna Matata
  • Cowboy Cookout Restaurant
  • Pizzeria Bella Note
  • Earl of Sandwich

The best snacks at Disneyland Paris

  • Victoria’s Home style Restaurant
  • Cable Car Bake Shop
  • The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

Eating with Disney characters

  • Cinderella’s Inn
  • Inventions
  • Café Mickey
  • Plaza Gardens (breakfast only)

Can we take our own picnic inside the parks?
Outside food is allowed inside the parks, but only if it doesn’t require any special logistics (cooler, table, bulky packaging). There is a picnic area between the parking lot and the park entrances. Disneyland Paris also has restaurants to suit all budgets.

The best time to store at Disney

Families and children often want to take home a souvenir of their unforgettable stay at Disney Park. That’s why most of the park’s stores are packed when the park closes in the evening. To avoid the crowds and make the most of shopping at the park, it’s best to go when the park opens or in the morning. And to avoid having to carry your purchases around all day, the park offers the option of leaving them in the store and picking them up before you leave the park. As this service is free, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

Alternatively, you can drop in later to Disney Village, a free area that closes much later than the parks, and offers a wide range of stores!

Choosing the best location for the Disney Dreams night show

Disney Dreams, newly renamed Disney Illuminations, is a night-time show with sound, light, fireworks and water features that attracts more and more people every year. So it’s essential to be well placed to enjoy these illuminations on Sleeping Beauty’s castle at the center of Disneyland park.

Ideally, you should arrive early for the show and position yourself well. The best place, contrary to popular belief, is not in the aisle just in front of the castle or in the middle aisle, as visitors are too close to the castle to see all the lights. What’s more, those in the central aisle won’t be able to see well because of the trees there. The best place to sit is against the railings in the corner of the right-hand garden in front of the château, as this is the only one without trees. Being against the railings means there’s no one in front of you, and it’s ideal for children to get a good view of the show.

How do I get to Disneyland Paris?

There are a number of ways to visit Disneyland Paris, depending on your point of departure:

By plane

To get to Disneyland Paris, you can fly into Paris airports Charles de Gaule or Orly. To find the best flight at the best price, please consult the website of our partner Skyscanner.

Once you’ve arrived at the airport, you can visit Disneyland Paris on the Magical Shuttle, which you’ll need to book in advance. On the official Disneyland Paris website, you can also book your accommodation, return flights, transfers and entrance tickets all at once.

You can also opt to rent a car on arrival at the airport, for greater freedom of movement.

By train

The Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station is just outside Disneyland Paris. The SNCF and Ouigo trains serve this station perfectly. As with air travel, Disneyland Paris offers a booking service.

🚆 Check Train Schedules & Prices

By public transport.

Disneyland Paris is about 35 minutes from RER station A – Nation (central Paris) to Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy station. More information on the RATP website.

By car

You can reach Disneyland Paris by rental car or private vehicle via the A4 freeway or the “Francilienne”. Here’s the park address to enter on your GPS: Boulevard du Parc, 77700 Serris/Coupvray.

Once there, you’ll find plenty of parking. Allow €30 per day for one car. Visitor parking opens at 7.30 a.m. and closes 30 minutes after the park closes.

Shuttle buses from Paris

Disneyland Paris offers 2 shuttle buses departing from 4 convenient locations in the heart of Paris: Gare du Nord, Opéra and Châtelet (Shuttle 1) and from the Eiffel Tower (Shuttle 2). You can reserve your ticket in advance and online on the official Disneyland Paris website.

Disneyland Paris opening hours & rates


You can visit Disneyland Paris every day of the year. Here are the opening times for each of the resort’s two parks:

  • Parc Disneyland: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Walt Disney Studios Park: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Please note that opening hours vary according to the season, and the Parks may remain open later for special occasions. Residents of Disneyland Paris hotels also benefit from two extra opening hours.

Please consult the official opening times and attractions on the official website before your visit.


Rates for visiting Disneyland Paris vary according to age and time of year/week. The “Mini” rate corresponds to off-peak periods or weekdays, the “Magic” rate to weekends and the summer period, and “Super Magic” to public holidays and peak periods.

Here are the rates for one day and one adult (aged 12 and over):

  • Mini: 56€ / 1 park, 76€ / 2 parks
  • Magic : 74€ / 1 park, 94€ / 2 parks
  • Super Magic: €87 / 1 park, €107 / 2 parks

For a child (aged 3 to 11):

  • Mini: 51€ / 1 park, 71€ / 2 parks
  • Magic: 68€ / 1 park, 88€ / 2 parks
  • Super Magic: €80 / 1 park, €100 / 2 parks

For tickets of 2 days or more:

  • 2-day / 2-park tickets: €169 for an adult, €156 for a child
  • 3-day / 2-park tickets: 211€ for an adult, 195€ for a child
  • 4-day/2-park tickets: 249€ for adults, 229€ for children

These last packages include tickets that are valid for 1 year. Visiting days do not have to be consecutive. However, further visits must be made within 7 days of the first use.

Download the Disney application

Among other things, this mobile application lets you see waiting times at the various attractions in the parks in real time. It allows visitors to optimize their day in the park by limiting the amount of time they have to wait at attractions. Download the application here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to visit Disneyland Paris?

To get the most out of your visit, you’ll need a full day at Disneyland Paris. This will allow you to enjoy the attractions without having to run out of time. It’s also possible to visit both parks in one day, but you’ll have to make sacrifices on the attractions.

Which size for which attractions?

A number of attractions in the Disneyland Paris parks have a minimum height requirement. To find out which attractions are suitable for your height, check Disneyland Paris website, which lists the height requirements for each attraction.

Is it possible to leave the park and re-enter?

It is possible to enter and leave the park as long as you keep your entrance ticket. Don’t forget to get a stamp at the exit as proof.

Are the parks accessible to people with disabilities?

The Disneyland Paris parks are accessible to people with disabilities. You can obtain an access card and assistance for easy access to the various attractions. It is also possible to rent wheelchairs in the parks.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed inside Disneyland Paris parks and hotels, with the exception of guide dogs. You can, however, leave your pets in the Pet Center when it’s open.

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