Bonifacio, a true beauty emerging from the vast blue, is a stunning, leafy rock in the middle of the Mediterranean. Among its priceless treasures is the essential city of Bonifacio. Let’s focus on the City of Cliffs!

The town of Bonifacio was built at the southernmost tip of Corsica. It is divided into two parts: the lower town and the upper town. A natural site, sculpted by Mother Nature, this ancient fortress overlooks the sea from its limestone promontory, earning it the nickname “City of Cliffs.” This lookout has withstood the test of time, enduring wars and epidemics, and today stands proud, perched, and unshakable as a city of character, emblematic of Corsica. Indeed, its inhabitants are Bonifacians first and Corsicans second! Those wishing to visit Bonifacio will find no shortage of things to do and local culture to enjoy.

With its incredible radiance of light, vibrant historical heritage, rugged faces worn by the sea, arid landscapes near the maquis, secret coves, Bonifacio is THE picturesque destination on the Isle of Beauty. Discover our top 10 must-do activities in Bonifacio without further ado.

Stroll around the Marina

Marina of Bonifacio

Dominated by the Citadel and surrounded by limestone cliffs, the marina of Bonifacio offers a spectacular panorama. It’s the main attraction of Bonifacio’s lower town. Pastel-colored, slender houses line the lively, voluptuous quays. Filled with cafes and restaurants, the Marine de Bonifacio invites relaxation and leisurely strolls.

In the evening, life is in full swing. Yachts, sailboats, and boats glitter on the dark waters as the evenings stretch into the night. To enjoy this enchanting walk in Bonifacio, don’t hesitate to stroll along the port both day and night.

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Climb Saint-Roch

Saint-Roch Chapell, Bonifacio

Visiting Bonifacio can require some physical fitness, especially for the ascent of Saint-Roch. Your muscles will indeed be put to the test, but the reward is magnificent! Following the port, you’ll find a staircase: the starting point. It zigzags through a pass up to the Saint-Roch chapel. At the top, the view is breathtaking. You overlook the sea, the city, the ochre walls, the port, and the Citadel. In the distance, Sardinia.

It’s also one of the best walks in Bonifacio to admire the limestone cliffs, natural phenomena unique to wind and erosion, and shaped by salt. Don’t worry, you can also drive up or take the little train.

Hike the Coastlines

the Pertusato trail, corsica

Looking for a hike in Bonifacio? To overlook the spectacular and mysterious limestone formations, head to the Campu Rumanilu trail. Starting from the Saint-Roch chapel, this paved path takes you along the cliff edge. Eighty meters below, waves crash against the granite, echoing up to your rocky balcony.

Continue to the Pertusato trail. The vertiginous points multiply, while the scents of the maquis tantalize your senses. The path eventually leads you to the Pertusato lighthouse and, below, to the lunar beach of Saint-Antoine. For impressive views of Bonifacio, these two hikes are unmissable.

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Explore the Upper Town

the Upper Town and the cliffs of Bonifacio

Yes, the Upper Town offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. As far as the eye can see: white cliffs with carved strata and exceptional natural heritage. However, don’t miss exploring the medieval heritage within Bonifacio itself.

Wander through the small streets of the city center. There, it’s impossible to resist the millennia-old charm of the narrow alleys, aqueducts spanning the buildings, and tall houses with white facades. Visiting Bonifacio also means getting lost in this paved labyrinth and discovering Bonifacian architecture. Finally, when you walk towards the Citadel, don’t forget to take the Rastello climb.

The Lavezzi Islands

The Lavezzi Islands, Corsica

One of the must-do activities in Bonifacio is undoubtedly a boat trip. Amidst the waves, hundreds of meters offshore, observe houses clinging to the void, immense cliffs, caves carved by the waters, and the imposing old town.

Why not combine a sea outing with a visit to the Lavezzi Islands? An archipelago made up of granite islets, this nature reserve bathes in crystal-clear waters. Its wild nature welcomes you for a day. What’s on the agenda? Relaxation, picnicking, diving into the azure waters, Corsican wind in your hair, and the blazing sun.

A Boat Ride

Citadelle of Bonifacio

Boat Rental
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Did you like the idea of a sea outing to visit the Lavezzi Islands? Know that there are numerous boat trips available from Bonifacio.

Renting a boat also allows you to discover the limestone cliffs, marine caves like Sraganota or Saint-Antoine, and some of the most beautiful coves of the Isle of Beauty.

Alternatively, embark on a sailing boat or a catamaran for a memorable sea experience. For those who want to indulge in a luxurious day, opt for renting a yacht!

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Sunbathing on Idyllic Beaches

Petit Sperone Beach
Petit Sperone Beach

What do Rondinara, Petit and Grand Sperone, and Balistra beaches have in common? Well, they are pieces of paradise on Earth. If you want to visit Bonifacio’s beaches, this is where you should lay out your towel. Immaculate sandbanks stretch under the blazing sun, while crystal waves crash at your feet.

Sometimes, the Corsican mountains keep you company, bringing with them a wealth of greenery, fauna, and endemic flora. At nightfall, enjoy the entertainment, beach restaurants, and cultural activities, with your feet in the sand.

Climb the King of Aragon’s Stairway

The King of Aragon's Stairway, Bonifacio

The King of Aragon’s Stairway is a must-do athletic walk in Bonifacio. This masterful work splits the limestone promontory of the City. The one hundred and eighty-seven steps carved into the cliff lead you down to the sea.

The sea air and the marine spray whip your face, Sardinia stands out on the horizon, and you penetrate the emblematic rock of Bonifacio. Continue the walk. Still on a path carved into the rock, follow along the sea to the shore.

Taste Bonifacian Cuisine

the Bonifacian-style eggplants

Corsica as a whole is an ideal destination for combining the pleasures of food and travel. While its entire gastronomy is typical and renowned, some cities have their own specialties. To visit Bonifacio and sharpen your taste buds with its authentic flavors, try the Bonifacian-style eggplants. This typical dish made with eggplant flesh, bread, garlic, and gratinated Corsican cheeses, introduces all your senses to this terroir.

Another culinary specialty to discover during your stay in Bonifacio is the “pain des morts” (bread of the dead). Both Bonifacians and travelers adore this pastry filled with raisins and nuts. An ancient traditional recipe for all sweet lovers.

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Engage in Sports Activities

Scuba diving in Corsica

Whether you like water sports or land sports, Bonifacio is an ideal setting for a sporty vacation. Visit Bonifacio on horseback, on a bike saddle, from a kayak or a sailboat, straddling a jet ski, or from underwater. In short, there’s no shortage of sports activities to do in Bonifacio. It’s an opportunity to vary the pleasures and embrace thrilling sensations.

How to Get to Bonifacio?

Want to visit Bonifacio? First, how do you get there?

By Plane

This fortified city at the extreme south of Corsica, with its wild land appearance, is actually very accessible. The Isle of Beauty has several international airports. Those in Bastia and Ajaccio are about 2h15 from Bonifacio. The closest, twenty minutes away, is in Figari. To find the best-priced tickets for your stay in Corsica, you can use our partner Skyscanner, which lists the most accessible offers on the market.

By Boat

Another way to reach Bonifacio? By sea, of course! Maritime companies, from France like Toulon or Marseille, do not directly serve the port of Bonifacio. However, the port of Porto-Vecchio is only thirty minutes away, and that of Propriano is an hour and a quarter.

Check prices and schedules for ferries to Bonifacio

By Car

from Corsica By car, Bonifacio is accessible from both sides of the island. Count 2h30 from the center of Bastia or Ajaccio. When traveling in Corsica, renting a car upon arrival at the airport is common to enjoy the panoramic roads while maintaining great freedom.

Where to Stay in Bonifacio?

🛏️ Compare and book hotels in Bonifacio

Whether you’re looking for seasonal rentals, unusual accommodations on the cliffside, guest houses, family campsites, or hotels, Bonifacio has a wide range of accommodations. All types of travelers and budgets will find something suitable.

The medieval center of Bonifacio is a prime location for your nights. In the heart of ancient monuments, wander through the streets with quaint charm and spend the night in a picturesque setting. Enjoy the restaurants and cafes dotting each paved alley and the Mediterranean nightlife.

Below, the port. With its grandiose boats moored and its Croisette-like atmosphere, it is also a lovely and immersive place to sleep in Bonifacio.

In any case, the Marina and the Citadel are interesting places to be close to the must-do activities in Bonifacio.

For more peace and nature, two options. Stay near the maquis, in the lush green mountains, or by the sea, with your feet in the water.

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